Engagement Photos! What do we wear?

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Be yourself...be comfortable...the smiles will naturally shine through!

The question we all ask when taking any professional photo…what should we wear? Do we need to go buy a ton of new clothes?

Let’s narrow this down a bit. When are you getting your pictures done? Where are you getting your photos done? Why are you getting these photos done?

Are you planning to use them for a Save the Date? This might change a few of the pictures and you might want your wedding date in the photo.

When you are getting the photos done could determine what colors you want to wear and it's really okay to wear white after Labor Day…. remember it’s your picture and your day!

Where you are getting the photos done might determine what shoes you wear or how may layers of clothing you wear to keep warm…. South Dakota does get cold. The Knot article, What to Wear in Your Engagement Photos does a great job of giving ideas for each season.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that pictures turn out the best when you are comfortable and yourself. It’s hard to be yourself when you are wearing a suit, skirt or stilettos that you would never wear on a normal day. It’s fun to dress up and do something different…. just make sure you are comfortable and the smiles will naturally come.

Things to consider…

- Patterns are great, but really busy clothing can take away from the picture of the two in love.

- Pastels and neutral tones are great with some pop of color from a scarf, necklace, or tie.

- Keep the season in mind, layer up with some pop of color during winter or maybe add a dress for those spring and summer sessions.

In the end…pick your 2-3 favorite outfits, be yourself, and the love and smiles will show automatically.

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