I didn’t get in the picture again…just the kids!

How many of us say that? I have said that over and over for years. Many times, I have been the person behind the camera trying to catch the moment, so we can look back and reminisce. Other times I skipped out, because I didn’t have the hair or clothing just right. Does that sound familiar?

Another recent one I have noticed with clients is that they just want to focus on the kids this year, and they will plan to do family pictures next year. My thought is that someone has to bring the kids to the photo shoot, right? Take advantage of the opportunity!

Ask your photographer if they can take a couple candid pictures of you, and the kids. You never known when you will have the opportunity to have someone snap a few pictures of you in action with your kids! I guarantee you will be glad you took the time to ask.

I got in this pictures and I'm really glad I did!

#justthekids #imneverinthephotos #journeydefinedphotography

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